Full-Length Plays:

Another Revolution
(1W, 1M) 
Kat and Henry, two graduate students from opposing scientific disciplines, are forced to share a lab at Columbia University in 1968. Amid interpersonal differences, a campus devolving into political chaos, and the uncertainty and turmoil of the outside world, they each discover what it’s like to be thrown into someone else’s orbit.
  • Production/World Premiere, Gulfshore Playhouse, 2022
  • Production, University of Oklahoma, 2022
  • Production, Market Garden Theatre, 2019 
  • Reading, EST / Sloan First Light Festival, 2019
  • Reading, Louisiana State University, 2019
  • Reading, Centenary Stage Company, 2018
  • Reading, Talk Back Theatre, 2018
  • Reading, Primary Stages ESPA Drills, 2017 
Winner, SciArts at LSU Playwriting Prize, 2019
Finalist, NNPN, National Showcase of New Plays, 2019
Finalist, Unicorn Theatre, In-Progress New Play Reading Series, 2019
Finalist, The Lark Playwrights' Week, 2018
Finalist, Trustus Theatre Playwrights' Festival, 2018
Finalist, Susan Glaspell Award, 2018
Finalist, Acadiana Repertory Theatre, 2018
Semi-Finalist, Athena Project Arts Festival, 2018

Webster's Bitch (full-length version) 
(3W, 2M) 
When their Editor-in-Chief gets caught using some rather colorful profanity, the employees of Webster's Dictionary find themselves at the center of an internet uprising over gender and obscenity in the age of social media. As office politics collide with ambition, morality, and lexicography, the future of the English language hangs in the balance. A play about vulgar words and the people who define them.
  • Production/World Premiere, Playhouse on Park, 2023 
  • Reading, UR Here Theater, 2023 
  • Reading, Playhouse on Park, 2021 
  • Workshop, Phoenix Theatre Company, 2021 
  • Workshop, Prologue Theatre, 2021 
  • Reading, North Carolina Women's Theatre Festival, 2020
Winner, Woodward/Newman Award, 2023
Finalist, O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, 2021
 Seven Devils
 Playwrights Conference, 2021

The Once and Future Casey Colman 
(4W, 2M)
Crystal Plains, Kansas is a town filled with psychics. Maybe. No one’s exactly sure, but there’s definitely something weird going on. When 17-year-old Casey weasels her way into a seminar hosted by her psychic podcasting hero Miss Angela, she’s sure that her mysterious dreams are just the beginning. But, when a cat begins slinking around town predicting untimely deaths, Casey must confront the possibility that maybe her dream come true isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Workshop, Campfire Theatre Festival, 2019
  • Reading, Nora's Playhouse, 2019 
  • Reading, North Carolina Women's Theatre Festival, 2019 
Semi-Finalist, O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, 2020 
Finalist, B Street Theatre, New Comedies Festival, 2020 & 2022 
Semi-Finalist, Landing Theatre Company, New American Voices Festival, 2020
Semi-Finalist, Creede Repertory Theatre, Headwaters New Play Festival, 2019
Semi-Finalist, SPACE on Ryder Farm, 2018

The Rule of Thirds
(3W, 1M)
Years after their mother's death, sisters Leslie and Stef return to Staten Island to clean out the childhood home their widowed father left behind. When their estranged younger sister Christine arrives, the three women find themselves unearthing not just family heirlooms, but the deep secrets and harsh realities of their past lives and decisions.
  • Reading, The Bechdel Group, 2019 
  • Selection, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, 2019
  • Reading, Noisy Nest Theater Company, 2018 
  • Reading, The Bechdel Group, 2018
  • Reading, Primary Stages ESPA, 2016 

One-Act Plays: 

Webster's Bitch (15-minute version) 
(3W, 1M) 
When their Editor-in-Chief gets caught using some very colorful profanity, the employees of Webster's dictionary find themselves at the center of a Twitter uprising over gender, obscenity, and the future of the English language itself.
  • Production, City Theatre Summer Shorts, 2022 
  • Production, Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival, 2019 
  • Production, City Theatre / Thinking Cap Theatre, 2019 
  • Production, Duluth Playhouse, 2018
  • Production, Little Theatre of Alexandria, 2018
  • Reading, Neo-Political Cowgirls, 2018
  • Reading, Geneva Theatre Guild, 2018
  • Reading, Clutch Productions, 2017
Winner, City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting, 2020

"The most thought-provoking show of the night."
- Duluth News Tribune.
"Bircher's underlying themes -- the power of social media, respect in the workplace -- are serious. But who knew lexicography could be so funny?" - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Thin Ice 
The women's Olympic figure skating team is preparing to dominate the competition. But, there's three of them, and only one gold medal.
  • Production, Primary Stages ESPA Detention Series, 2016

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